Residential and commercial flooring installation


Residential and commercial flooring installations

When you need a top-notch flooring installation, it is worth taking advantage of professional services that meet your every need. Our experienced installers have the training, knowledge, and equipment to create an outstanding result, no matter what type of flooring you choose. Here are some facts about these services that are so necessary and protect your investment.

Residential flooring installation

When we install residential flooring, you’ll find that we take as much care with your home and services as we'd take with our own. We'll measure carefully and take the utmost care around your home to ensure complete satisfaction for every flooring installation need. Once you choose a material, we’ll give you all the installation details and tell you if there’s anything you need to do before the installation team arrives.



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Commercial flooring installation

Regarding commercial locations, we understand you have exceptional needs regarding placement, installation time, and business downtime. We'll work alongside you with your specific list of requirements to plan the best services for your business type and space. If you have questions or concerns, talk with our associates to learn more about how we cater specifically to your commercial installation needs, large or small.

Putting floors in place for you

We know that no two homes and no two businesses are the same, which is why we work with you, as you're the only client we serve. We’ll hear about all your needs and then meet and exceed each of them, especially regarding material selection and flooring installation. As a result, we're ready to make your flooring dreams come true, and we look forward to creating surfaces you can work on and live on for years to come.
Residential and commercial flooring installation in Somerset, PA from Carpet Outlet of Somerset Inc

Choose our showroom for your flooring installation

Carpet Outlet of Somerset Inc is a residential and commercial flooring store in Somerset, PA, that makes flooring affordable for homeowners and small businesses. For instance, we offer luxury vinyl, commercial carpet tiles, and homogenous vinyl for healthcare facilities. We also cater to the needs of property managers, who may need to replace flooring more often than other business owners.

If you’re ready to consider all your choices, visit our showroom in Somerset, PA, whenever you’re in the area. We serve residents from Somerset, PA, Johnstown, PA, Hidden Valley, PA, Greensburg, PA, and Windber, PA, and we look forward to learning about your requirements and preferences. Stop by our flooring store in Somerset, PA, today to speak with a specialist about your residential or commercial flooring installation.