The best area rugs for your home

Area rugs offer an exceptional experience, adding visual appeal, protection for your flooring, and plenty of lifespan, depending on your chosen characteristics. Each rug provides something specific that will cater to your needs and give you the remodel you want and need. Here are some facts that will serve you well as you prepare to shop.

The many benefits of area rugs

One of the main reasons homeowners choose our rugs for sale is because they create a fantastic décor match, with attractive options in color, design, shape, size, and binding, to name a few. Some prefer small area rugs for specific areas, while others enjoy long runners for hallways, foyers, and dining rooms. Your rug will fit your needs because you can choose options for everything you want and need. An area rug can also protect the flooring by trapping and holding dirt, debris, and allergens. Since they are movable, they're easy to clean with a vacuum or sweeper and can be shampooed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. You’ll enjoy clean floors and a long lifespan by choosing these products, even in your most heavily traveled spaces. If you’re shopping for area rug binding and visuals alone, almost any type of fiber will do, including acrylic, wool, or nylon, featuring gorgeous options that layer together. However, if you're searching for the most durable piece, it's crucial to consider fibers made for the task. For instance, choose shorter fibers with a looped pile and built-in stain and odor protection, which could serve you for decades with proper maintenance. When you're ready to shop, share your preferences and needs. We'll help you narrow your options to make your shopping more productive. We're prepared to work alongside you for the best area rugs, so stop by our showroom at your convenience.

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A showroom you can trust

At Carpet Outlet of Somerset Inc, we proudly offer a one-stop flooring shop that serves you from product selection through installation and cleanup. We provide an extensive selection of products, free sample loans, and professional installation for any product we sell. Our family-owned business has a strong passion for turning your dreams into reality with a beautifully installed flooring of your choice.

We invite you to visit our showroom in Somerset, PA, whenever you're in the area to speak with an associate about why our area rugs for sale would work well for you. We serve residents from Somerset, PA, Johnstown, PA, Hidden Valley, PA, Greensburg, PA, and Windber, PA, and we look forward to serving you too.